About Us

Fast Facts

Every 5 minutes, we receive a call for help, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Each year it costs Distress Centre approximately $1,600 per volunteer to recruit, train and support.

99% of our volunteers indicated that they were using the skills they gained outside of Distress Centre.

Crisis Services

Last year, our highly trained volunteers provided crisis support to 75,214 calls, 3789 chats, 907 texts and 875 emails, a 10% increase over 2015.

9.4% of calls on the crisis lines are suicide related and 17% of online contacts are suicide related.

Last year we experienced a 34% increase in chats on our general crisis lines.

96% of our clients felt listened to.


In 2016, our professional counsellors facilitated 2,707 face-to-face sessions, an 18% increase from 2015.

At the end of their last counselling session 98% of our clients said they were able to cope better with their issues.


In 2016, we provided information and referrals to 27,570 calls for a variety of community, government and social services.

96% of callers were satisfied with the 211 service overall.

90% of callers surveyed reported having a better understanding of their needs because they made the call.

Basic Needs Fund

Distress Centre distributed $89,108 to 38 families and 32 individuals in financial need.

93%  of families report their situation has stabilized as a result of the support they received.

100% of clients report they felt respected and treated well while accessing Basic Needs support


In 2016, ConnecTeen answered 843 calls, 771 chats, 907 texts and 63 emails.

Chats to ConnecTeen increased by 24.4% in 2016 from 2015.

Meet our Executive Director

Jerilyn Dressler was appointed Executive Director of Distress Centre on June 1, 2017. Jerilyn has her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Saskatchewan and in 2015, she completed her Masters of Social Work with a specialization in Leadership in the Human Services. Since 2008, Jerilyn has held several different positions at the leadership level at Distress Centre. Jerilyn is an authentic, collaborative, and transformative leader who brings her passion and vision to every team and project she is a part of.

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