“For 3 years you helped me. I am a victim of abuse/violence. 40 years in silence. Somehow I found your phone number. I called 266-HELP. Thank you so much for existing. Thanks for all the many nights and days over the three years on the phone. I am safe now.” - Caller

When you donate to Distress Centre, your funds support Calgary's most vulnerable.

Our 24/7 crisis services are free. We do not define crisis. We do not judge. We are here for everyone.

In these tough economic times more people are contacting us than ever before. We respond to over 100,000 contacts every year. In 2016 so far we have seen a 10.9% increase in call volume.


how do we measure up?

Distress Centre Calgary has a top 4 star rating from Charity Intelligence Canada. When you donate to Distress Centre you are donating to a charity that is transparent, accountable and cost efficient.

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