Free Professional Counselling

Face-to-face support.

Not all problems can be solved over the phone. In fact, a call is often just the first step in overcoming crisis. To help with more complex issues, our professional crisis counsellors provide free counselling for individuals, couples and families at Distress Centre.

We have both evening and emergency appointments available.

Counsellors at Distress Centre are all Registered Social Workers with the Alberta College of Social Workers.

To get started, call our crisis line 403-266-HELP (4357) and ask for an intake to counselling or use the online intake form via the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of counselling is offered at Distress Centre?
A: We provide general, short-term counselling at Distress Centre. 1 to 6 counselling sessions are providing to help support an individual, family or couple coping with a crisis. We do not provide specialized treatment for specific mental health disorders.

2. 2. What should I expect after I fill our an intake?
A: Our intake coordinator will get in touch with you by phone in 1-2 days to ask you some questions and set up an appointment if our counselling is a good fit for you. You need access to a phone. We cannot communicate with you by email.

3. Can I see the same counsellor or is it a different counsellor each session?
A: You can see the same counsellor each session.

4. Is drop-in counselling available?
A: Yes, drop-in counselling is available Monday to Friday from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. Please note that there may be a wait of up to one hour.

5. Where is your office located?
Our office are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We do not provide counselling services outside of the Province of Alberta.


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